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Wasteland game series is considered to be a spiritual predecessor of a highly successful franchise Fallout. Wasteland practiced the black humor setting way before Fallout and the 2014 sequel is the first official one, after the highly-revolutionary edition from 1988. Black humor genre mocks another post-apocalyptic world and the fans of such plots and topics can now find peace with this classical sequel and enjoy it.

The Storyline

Wasteland 2 centers around an alternate universe, where a nuclear catastrophe has left people searching for survivors and looking for shelters. The group of survivors call themselves “Desert Rangers,” and it is their mission to roam throughout the desert and find more survivors. The story goes deep after the settlement by the rangers gets attacked by an unknown entity and you must find out what caused the attack and who the mystery creature is.

A game where you read

Wasteland 2 is not a big budget video game and beside its visual movement, everything else is basically written on the screen. There is no voice acting so everything is described via a dialog box on-screen. The camera is isometric and though basically you can zoom in, the most details will be revealed via the dialog on-screen. Patience is one of the key elements of this game, since by simply clicking next-next-next you can miss out on an important detail of the conversation or even cause trouble and agree to a fight you cannot win.


Speaking of fights, they are incredible hard and it is very difficult to defeat an opponent of higher ranking than yours. Even the easiest opponents can give you a headache if you enter the fight without a proper plan or strategy. That strategic element is very important, since you can ran across the same opponents in different stages of the game and it is wise to save weaponry and use the absolute basics to defeat some creature.

How to Advance

The improvement of the characters basically comes down to the numbers. As you progress, your percentage of success can be raised – for example the accuracy percentage – which is the reason why it is very hard to achieve any progress on character development. It is interesting, that you can achieve much more by accompanying other characters, suck-up to them and use your verbal skills.

Stealth? What’s stealth?

What is largely disappointing is the fact that stealth element has been removed almost completely, as there are some parts of the universe where you cannot practically see with whom are you fighting with or against. Although this is primarily a strategic game, this element was pretty much a down grader and significantly damages the overall grade and appeal.

Wasteland 2 has a number of technological flaws and errors which prevent it from launching into the stars. The non-transparency of the map and the constant need for map navigation kind of damaged the overall enjoyment in this game. But with a great story, humoristic elements and a great soundtrack Wasteland 2 can go as a great title with entertaining elements in over fifty hours of gameplay. RPG where you have to read the titles and not rush into the game is back and Wasteland 2 is a must for the fans.

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