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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is a franchise that has been around since 1998 and has taken a lot of different forms. The first iterations where very hardcore tactical shooters which required the player to develop and execute their own highly technical assault plans.

The next major form took the franchise to a more traditional linear format with a tactical edge with Rainbow Six 3. Then they refined this concept with a really innovative third-person cover system in 2006 with Rainbow Six: Vegas. In retrospect, the largest issue that has plagued the franchise is not due to the rapid change in format but with the lackluster follow-ups. Rainbow Six 3 was fantastic, Lockdown was a step back. Rainbow Six: Vegas was another great experience, but its sequel wasn’t that special.

Ubisoft Montreal plans to change that formula with Rainbow Six: Siege. It’s the next main iteration of this once-popular franchise and the studio developing it has worked on an impressive array of highly regarded franchises. Can this developer bring Rainbow Six back to its former glory?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is the next game in the Rainbow Six franchise from Ubisoft after taking a seven year absence. This title made a big splash when it was first announced and rightfully so, it was a bold and unexpected vision. The idea behind this game is asymmetric multiplayer where one team defends a building and another team assaults it. Each team has unique characters with unique abilities that all bring something special to the table.


While this sounds quite simple, the ace up the sleeve for this title is its destructibility. And this isn’t superficial destructibility that was found in recent Battlefield games or Red Faction games last generation. This is a more refined, sophisticated destructibility. Whereas Battlefield or Red Faction will take out entire walls or entire buildings, in Siege you can poke a tiny hole in a wall and kill someone. You can blast a door or window open. This is paired with enhanced maneuverability like repelling up and down the building, makes for some highly dynamic and incredibly magic moments.

Rainbow Six has gone through a lot of iterations through its lifetime. From the first title and it’s in-depth strategy to the more action-focused variants of Rainbow Six 3 and Vegas. Wherever this franchise has gone it has left some fans behind but also gained a lot of new ones. Rainbow Six Siege is no different.

Tactics-first approach and Asymmetric Multiplayer

While everyone is still chasing the Call of Duty crowd and speeding gameplay up with new maneuverability options, Siege is slowing things down. While other franchises are scaling up, Siege is scaling down. In today’s market, Rainbow Six Siege is unique. It’s tactics-first approach and asymmetric multiplayer is a breath of fresh air. Did they succeed completely in this vision? No. It’s still a bit rough around the edges. But they did enough to earn a fan and with a lot of free content promised down the line, it feels like the developers are committed to this title and its value proposition will only increase with time. Rainbow Six is back after a seven year hiatus and while there is still some more work to be done, the foundation has been set. If you’re a fan of tactical combat, with patience and friends, this game should not be overlooked in the slightest. There is simply nothing else like it on the market. 😀

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