The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle, available on Amazon.

After making a name for themselves back in the early 2000’s the game developers from Croatia called the Croteam came up with a surprise package in the December of 2014. When The Talos Principle was first announced and the demo was released on steam, many labeled the game as a pure copycat of the game Portal, but after the release of the whole game and the story behind, we can see that the game offers much more.

While the mechanics are like to Portal, every resemblance stops there and the game continues independently from that point. While Portal has a humorous element into it, Talos Principle wakes up the existential questions such as “Can we trust God?”, “What does it mean to be a human?” or similar. Over the game you will see many QR codes, which are messages of those who reached that place before you plus the guiding voice of Elohim, which is “God” in Hebrew.

You are a robot/android and are awaken in a simulated world where Elohim, a entity you will not meet, leads you through various sites where you collect puzzles in order to be worthy for the eternal life. Elohim is the resemblance of God and over the game it can get tricky. Elohim is pictured with multiple errors and these errors are the puzzles you might solve. The Eden Garden and the Forbidden Fruit is also present, but I will let you find it and think about it. Over the course of game you will learn what happened to humans, where did they go and what is your essential purpose in this universe.

In order to complete the puzzles you need to be creative, but you can also use the vigilant way or an alternative one. Though it will not give you the satisfaction, as if you completed the game the way Croteam intended it to be. Like every other puzzle game, they seem hard at the beginning and upon completion, you will laugh. The puzzles are graded as you progress, meaning the hardest ones can come at the end. While the game is primarily imagined as a first person experience, you can also play in a third person view, which just adds to the choice.

Depending on your intelligence level you can complete this game in about 20 hours or so. The complexity of the puzzles can vary and the moves you make before concluding the sequence and collecting the puzzle are different based on the environment. There are also bonus elements (Easter eggs). The game has however no replay value, since there is only one New Game feature with zero additional elements. As you make through the whole world, you will desire more as you have increased your brain to a great point, but it makes no sense to play the whole game, the same, all over again.

Talos Principle comes with small expectation but delivers big time and is one of the best puzzle games in recent years. Talos Principe is not just an ordinary game, but it will also make you question everything within the game, what can be seen as the true purpose of this title.

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