The Last of Us

The Last of Us, available on Amazon.

The Last of Us is easily one of the best game of its generation with over 200 game of the year awards, it truly captured 2013 by storm. This is one of the best masterpieces out there and created by whom better than Naughty Dog, Sony’s best team. Many things make this game superb and I am about to explain every one of them.

It’s story is nothing special but the way that’s told is so good, and that is done with the amazing graphics which are seamless from cut scene to gameplay. The strong writing and the beautiful performance by the actors hired make this experience so more fulfilling. The story starts when a zombie infection outbreaks and it’s similar to fungus. And in the beginning our main protagonist Joel suffers the loss of dear one which makes him cold and distant to other people. Then he is hired to transport a girl named Elie, a teenager forced to live in horrible conditions. As I said the story is not special but depth in it is surprisingly large and you start to care for Joel and Elie. This is because they are very attractive and likable.


The combat is also great and enjoyable especially in close quarters. The game encourages players to use tools in the environment against enemies. Also I would not advice to start this game in hard difficulties because it can be punishingly hard. The crafting system is also a very useful and often offers you hard choices to make depending to the resources that you have. The gun play is satisfying and fun and so are also the stealth kills.

Your Enemies

The enemies a varied from the bandits to the zombies, the three zombie types are Runners, Clickers and Bloders. Each of them having different strengths and weaknesses that can be exploded by players and it adds this sense of strategy in to this third person shooter. The friendly AI is perfect and very helpful and the enemy AI is no push over either. The art team made their job with flying colors as the environments is varied, immersive and real life, yes locations which you can find in real life in America.


The multiplayer: Naughty saw also fit to include a multiplayer mode in this already impressive game. In this multiplayer you can choose to be with the bandits or the fireflies. The mods are satisfying and create really fun games of cat and mouse. This multiplayer is compelling enough to keep you playing for a long time.

So what we get in this Play Station exclusive is an amazing zombie game with a great story, combat, art design and it’s easily a masterpiece of its generation.

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