Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, The Sith Lords is the follow-up to BioWare’s™ amazing Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic, though this one is developed by Obsidian. Your customized character is the Jedi Exile, and you go on a search to find what few Jedi remain after a losing battle against the Sith.

Like its predecessor, it has real-time combat where you select your actions from a menu (similar, but not identical to, the system used in Dragon Age) and a story that changes depending on your choices. Your choices also determine whether you’re aligned more closely with the dark or light side.

You’ll gain several companions during your journey and be able to take two party members with you at a time as you explore worlds and battle. These companions will also react to your choices, approving or disapproving depending on what you do.

It’s difficult to compare Knights of the Old Republic II to its predecessor. Not because I can’t decide which I like better the first game is better by far, but because I feel like it should have been the other way.

Knights of the Old Republic II shows hints of being a superior sequel. It has entertaining party members, including the return of assassin droid HK-47 from the first game. (HK-47 is hilarious. Search for videos of the best HK-47 moments. You won’t be disappointed.) Its story is filled with ambiguity and shades of gray, and on many levels it’s a deeper experience.

Unfortunately, it’s incomplete.

It’s widely believed Knights of the Old Republic II was rushed during developments. Whether or not that’s true, large amounts of content were cut, like the ending.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. The game has an ending, just a rushed one that feels incomplete. When I defeated the final boss, I sat eagerly waiting to see how it would be wrapped up and then the credits rolled. It just ends, without closure. If anything makes me believe the game was rushed, it’s the ending.

If you enjoy RPGs in the style of Mass Effect (aside from the combat) and Dragon Age, you should try the Knights of the Old Republic games. Start with the first one, and if you like its gameplay, move onto this one. Just be aware that Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords isn’t as good a game as it should have been.

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