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Sniper has always been one of the favorite weapons of all of the first person shooter video games and Sniper Elite is therefore one of the best examples of how these games can be perfect. By adding the stealth to a World War II game with sniper options, there is no way something can go wrong. Sniper Elite, released back in 2005, was met with critical acclaim and many praised its realistic combat, great visuals and tactical approach. Sniper Elite V2 lived to that expectation and it was expected that Sniper Elite III to mastermind the genre and oust the competition. That did not quite happen, but nevertheless is Sniper Elite 3 a great game and a true sequel to the series.

Karl Fairburne, our main protagonist of the series, has the goal to stop the mad general Vahlen in his attempt to change the course of the war. That is pretty much it, as Rebellion still won’t insert a great story to this game and this basically only stands as some reason to what Karl is doing in Africa in the first place

Like we already mentioned, Sniper Elite 3 does not bring a revolution to this franchise, besides the main activity in the game now takes place in Africa. Some fans of the game might be disappointed, while others can certainly find a way to be entertained and live up to the game’s possibilities. The graphics, essentially better gameplay and harder missions are a true plus to this game and what makes it better than its predecessors. The most noticeable twist came in the stealth segment, making this art of gaming the best way to complete the game. While the enemies are not that intelligent at all, you can easily be outnumbered and therefore killed if not being careful.

You go through the desert as a master assassin and overcome opponents with stealth and by setting traps along the way. The game is truly interesting in that matter, as the opposition’s force does not represent a true threat most of the time. The optimal difficulty level is marksman and for a better but still manageable experience this might be the best level. By killing every opponent with a sniper from a longer distance, you get to experience the amazing killcam, which brings the whole experience to a great level.

The design of the African continent is amazing and hugely differs from the first two games of the series. The colorful design and flora are great to discover and you simply won’t stop until every corner is covered by your character. By fighting against Italians and Germans, I learned a lot about them by reading their diaries and letters back home – a segment that deserves a salut for the game developers.

Sniper Elite 3 has managed to bring its predecessors to the perfection, without adding anything essential to the title itself. The WW2 game setting is slowly getting back on track and we can’t wait to see what the next Sniper Elite title might bring.

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