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Third person adventure games are in constant rise and the fans particularly enjoy this type of gaming. If you add to the fact that the games set in the Roman Empire and that age you get the feeling that nothing can go wrong and that you will absolutely love this piece called Ryse: Son of Rome. But it is not really like that. The game from German developers Crytek Frankufurt failed to deliver in this piece and the game will most likely be forgotten as it can’t touch the pillars of third person adventures such as Batman or Assassins Creed.

The game follows the very much famous sample of “they killed my family and now I am going to kill them all”. You play as Marius Titus, a totally fictionalized character from the Roman Empire, set during the time of heavy battles against Northern tribes. The plot features some know historical figures such as Neron, but even he is not really the true resemblance of the once ruthless emperor.

Marius itself is a very shallow character and pretty predictable, giving a lot of space for supporting characters to shine. But in this game, even though there are some characters worth analyzing, they don’t really get much screen time and you are left wondering what could be their background. Due to the nature of the game, Ryse: Son of Rome carefully steals some of the motives and stories from well-known Ridley Scott special The Gladiator, which is essentially great and one to compliment.

Although the game does not nurture the open world environment, Son of Rome is graphically one of the most beautifully designed games in a long time. The surroundings of the ancient world and blistering, the nature and colors and bright and beautiful and the characters speak reality and are portrayed in the next-gen character. Colosseum and other Roman places are enough for you to see and you will be instantly amazed.  The game was originally designed to be played on Xbox One exclusive, but is now available on PC as well.

While the gameplay and combat techniques are pretty good, it loses its joy very soon as the system itself is repetitive and boring. The combat has a Batman-like block and attack system and the final execution usually features a slow motion. While this could entertain you in a short-term, after a while the whole system becomes annoying and the sequences are just a burden. The characters you fight are unimaginative and there are only a couple of them designed, meaning you will have the feeling of fighting a army of similar warriors.

It is a shame that Ryse used most of its capacities to develop a wonderful presentation, leaving much void in the combat, gameplay and plot. The huge advantage of this game is that this era in gaming is largely left-out, despite numerous interesting plots and characters. So if you ever get inspired by watching Gladiator or King Arthur, there are good chances that this game might be turned on again.

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