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Pokemon White 2, available on Amazon

After playing and loving Pokemon White, I couldn’t wait to get Pokemon White 2. That generation of games is a bit unusual for the series, in that the games received direct sequels rather than a third version.

You could even transfer a few key pieces of data from the originals to the sequels, which allows certain events to be referenced. While some are minor, the coolest connection is your ability to meet and capture the Pokemon N used in the previous game.

These games are set two years after the original Pokemon Black and White, so Unova has changed somewhat. There are new locations to visit as well as a few new features, such as Join Avenue, a game you manage and customize by adding new shops and helping out NPC visitors.


The core Pokemon gameplay is intact and as solid as ever, but I was a little disappointed when I started playing White 2. After my excitement with White, I wanted another heavily story-driven experience, and it dismayed me to see the series return to its normal style. Not only that, but the complex Team Plasma seemed to lose its shades of gray (and Templar-like motifs) in favor of a more villainous, pirate role. After a while, though, I realized Pokemon White 2 DOES have a strong story. It’s just not your story.

It’s Team Plasma’s.

Team Plasma

Following the events of the previous games, Team Plasma is in complete disarray. N disappeared, most of the Sages were captured, and Ghetsis’s ambitions were out in the open. The organization underwent a schism, with those who truly wanted to help Pokemon on one side and those who joined for their own greed on the other.

In that light, the changes to Team Plasma make sense. I enjoyed the plot much more once I considered what happened to them.

Epic Scene

And while it still isn’t as story-driven as its predecessor, it has one dramatic scene that might be the most epic moment I’ve ever seen in a Pokemon game. Anyone who loved the story in Pokemon Black and White, particularly the parts related to Team Plasma, should at least check this one out.

Above all, Pokemon White 2 is filled with fun Pokemon gameplay. Join Avenue especially stood out to me, but there were several aspects of the game that kept me coming back for more. I wouldn’t recommend it as your first Pokemon game, but if you enjoyed Pokemon White (or Black), you can’t go wrong with its direct sequel.

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