NBA 2K15

NBA 2k15, available on Amazon.

Although not as popular as football video games, NBA 2K15 represents the best simulation of a basketball game ever. Not everything is the great of course, but this is probably the closest we can get to a real-life basketball game. NBA 2K15 next-gen subtitle is very much transparent, with the graphics beyond anything we saw so far and the transparent showing of sweat, court and different kinds of fans in the crowd.

Although the game package is huge, the interface has a standardized look and it is nothing special. When you kick-off the game, you can immediately spot the next-gen elements into it. Sweat, dirty shirts, frustration and even nervousness can be spotted on the players. The stars of the game are created very specific, including their tattoos and real voice system. Besides players, the game features several off-screen characters such as journalists Doris Burke, Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O’Neil. The later two lead a special show when the game is loaded, using humoristic remarks, but the fact of the matter is – it is not that funny.

While many sport games have a problem with the artificial intelligence of the opposition, NBA never really had those issues. AI makes the game more fluid and entertaining. Whether you are a fan of dunks, tactical basketball or simply play the game, each individual can find his game here. The artificial intelligence of your teammates is great as well and you can feel it. When leading the attack, you have other players searching for an open spot and you can pass the ball easily to them. The opponents will also punish your shenanigans and score. Since the game features so many players, not all of them can score from any position. Shot meter has been added to ease the shot for you. Should you consider yourself an expert, you can turn off this option.

Mycareer mode is the trademark of this game and it offers a dramatic approach. You are a young basketball player that was undrafted and now you need to follow your path to glory. Your agent is setting you up with trial games in multiple clubs across the globe, where you have to prove yourself and sign a contract. What is different from the other NBA2K games, is the ability to end up in an European club like Crvena Zvezda, Bayern, Galatasaray and many more. You can use the face recognition software and literally be yourself in the game. The design of the European players is not as good, but it is understandable since the game is primarily and NBA production.

Myleague and MyGM mods give you a chance to be the absolute boss of the game. You can create the league in your own way, set up the wages, number of played games and many other features. MyGM on the other hand gives you the role of a specific club director, so it kind of narrows the possibilities.

Being a practically lone wolf in the basketball genre, NBA2K serial does not offer radical changes in the game and simply rewrites the scenario of the last game and adds some minor changes. A curse in the sports game genre, but as long as it holds to a great level, we are fine.

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