Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

Metal Gears Solid V – Ground Zeroes. The prologue Metal Gears: Ground Zeroes not available through Amazon.

Metal Gear Ground Zeroes is one of the most controversial games I have ever played because of the many debates between fans and critics. This game is more of a prologue to the Metal Gear Solid 5 and I must admit it does a fantastic job at that. This is done thanks to the graphics generated by the FOX ENGINE, which are a beauty to watch. And also the gameplay should get high praise. The AI is very well done and it acts prudently but it can also surprise you at certain points in the game and making you to not take it lightly like in some recent shooters. Probably one of best innovations to the game is REFLEXE MODE giving players a few seconds to react and keep their cover when they are detected, it’s a welcome addition to this traditional stealth action Franchise and also the Interrogations are fun because of the bits of info that you can learn from the AI and it gives you a reason to keep them alive and it can be really useful as a mechanic in the HARD difficulty.

Because the gameplay is so smooth, fun and immersing it makes it so more punishing and hard to mention the negatives of this game. First It must be mentioned the very short and only main mission witch some players have finished in record amount of times, but the games tries to make up for this by adding a few side missions witch make the game a bit longer. Different consoles have different missions for example the PS4 has the classic snake missions, but the Xbox one has The Raiden missions . This is a good amount of content but the price was totally ridiculous at the beginning but thankfully it has dropped since then. The story is not so well introduced for new players in the main mission so you will be quite lost if you have never played a metal gear before. There is a sort of codex when you can get the information that you need for every main character in this game.

So as you probably can tell by now even though this is not a very long video game, the experience in it is very rich and memorable with its fresh and innovative gameplay.

I’m absolutely convinced that this game has set the roots for his predecessor to bloom and show the level of detail and achievement this Franchise has reached.

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