Grand Theft Auto 5

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best games I have ever played, i mean I have played a lot of games before but none comes to GTA5, you don’t really need a lot of expertise to realize that the GTA project has been the most successful gaming enterprise ever. And this is not random, GTA is without a doubt the best game sequel in gaming history, and GTA 5 reinforces my opinion even more. In the end Gaming is all about content, fun and enjoy ability and Grand Theft Auto has been able to do this continuously for years and years proven time and again it’s worth.


PS4 and XBOX 1 have been the game changer for many games including GTA 5 which was improved drastically by the new generation consoles. Many gamers around the world like me can’t really afford a Computer who can run smoothly games such as GTA 5 for $400. The new consoles created that possibility and availability to enjoy GTA5 experience with much higher quality. GTA 5’s biggest asset is its gorgeous graphics. An open world game is a very difficult to develop, let alone create unique content. In the end an Open World game is nothing without the “Open World”, and since games tend to be more and more realistic, this makes graphics a crucial component in this type of game.

XBOX1 definitely gives some unique advantages to GTA 5 players, from accessibility all the way to quality multiplayer which only XBOX can provide. The game in XBOX runs at 900 solid frames per second making it a very much vivid and enjoyable open world game, giving to the gamer a true sense of REALISM. 😀

Characters & Setting

The three main characters, TREVOR, FRANKLIN and MICHAEL are so brilliantly created that you really have the feeling that those are real persons.

In deed GTA is meant to present above all, the American society and the American style of life. The island represents America, with Los Santos as New York, or the Sandy Shores, basically representing Americas Midwest.


Multiplayer is a whole other story when you basically create a character fully customizable and raise him through the ranks by competing online with players from all over the world. XBOX has had a very successful story with multiplayer gaming and luckily this feature has been pretty much preserved. Expect some lags there and there the multiplayer in my XBOX1 ran smoothly without issues.

In conclusion, we say that Grand Theft Auto 5 is much more than a game, it’s the American Spirit brought to you in a video game. A MUST HAVE GAME 😀

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