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Grand Theft Auto is one of those gaming franchises can always have high expectations, but also one of those very few games that always satisfy those expectations. Being the most anticipated game of the year 2008, Grand Theft Auto 4 not only managed to level your expectations, but also give you even more, proving the be the best game of the year.

Niko Belic is a Serbian refugee who wants to adjust with a new life in Liberty City, with the help of his cousin, self-proclaimed tycoon Roman. Soon after he realizes that Roman is not as successful as he talks he is, Niko is forced to escape his past and adjust to a life in Liberty City, which is filled with mafia, filth and scum just like the original place Niko originally escaped from.

Although the story is nothing new compared to those in San Andreas, Vice City or GTA3, GTA4 manages to create just enough nuances to make this criminal rise to prominence and become one of the most influential persons in town. The contribution to this goes the fact that the game is filled with multiple choice which can sometimes alternate the ending, making the game worthwhile playing multiple times. Whether you decide to kill a guy or let him walk of is simply your choice. What always made GTA the best open world game, is the fact that it has a very good characterizations of the main personnel in the game, making each character unique and recognizable. Niko Belic himself is one of the best characters in the GTA Universe and his story is surely one of the most controversial ones, making him a great character in a game like this.

Grand Theft Auto 4 is the presentation of New York and although the similarities are variable, the overall depiction of a modern American city is just amazing. With parks, towers, buildings, slums and bridges, Liberty City in GTA4 is the best reproduction of the city (prior to GTA5 release). The artificial intelligence in this game is pure amazing. The people around you are not just standing there motionless, they are reading news papers, talking to each other and when it rains, they even open their umbrellas and look for cover.

Movement mechanics has been heavily improved compared to the previous games. You can now take cover when attempting to kill someone, which was largely missed on the San Andreas game. The list of available weapons is shortened, but essentially you got everything you need. One of the greatest adds in this game is the cell-phone. With this phone, you can stay in touch with your “employers” or even call your friends for some missions or play bowl, darts or pool with them. Getting drunk is also one of the options.

One of the flaws of the game is the difficulties of driving a car. The camera makes it even harder, but the mechanics look more realistic. By driving with a bigger speed you can easily crash and probably die with the crash by jumping through the windshield. To add the disappointment, planes and bicycle are thrown out of the game.

The game can be completed in about 30 hours, but with the lasting appeal it provides and the size of the open world, GTA 4 can be your source of fun for many months.

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