Grand Ages: Medieval

Grand Ages- Medieval

I like strategy games quite a lot and even though in the past few years more and more companies are trying to dumb them down, there are still series like Europa Universalis or Grand Ages that deliver a really good experience.

Grand Ages: Medieval is the latest in the series and it allows us to play the role of a nation during the medieval times. The first impression with the game is quite nice, as it looks great and it manages to offer a very good set of visuals.

Once you start digging into the game you will see the fact that this title is created with simplicity in mind, and it does deliver a very good, exciting experience all the same. In fact, I feel that the gameplay is designed in order to offer you a wide range of options. Without a good set of tutorial information the game wouldn’t be that easy to understand, but the entire experience is to the point and that’s something I like a lot.

Unlike other strategy games, this one is very accessible, but rest assured that it does have its own set of depth tools that are well worth your time. Sure, the gameplay does focus on creating a good economy, but you can also focus on wars as well.

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