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Evolve is the first real hunting game in a while, that is because the hunting experience is so memorable and unique. This game’s concept is fantastic and very different from many other shooters. There are a lot of mods in this game with a lot of different objectives and every one of them has a cool and interesting concept.

The most popular of these mods is Hunt. Basically it put’s players in a world when one of them is the monster that must evolve and the others try to hunt and kill this monster. So is hunt or be hunted. And these players do this with one of the 4 classes that they have to choose.

The first being the Assault class and they are the players that can take the most damage and deal it out. Then there is the Supportive class that defends the team with their shields and the very useful medics which heal the team and keep it going. But the most useful class has to be the Trappers and they are tasked with the mission of finding the monster and trapping it. And then we have the Monster classes which are very well created, 2K studios and Turtle really did a fantastic job on the art design of the monsters making them creepy and unsettling. They include the Kraken, Behemoth, Goliath and Whraith. The classes are a bit overpowered at least in my experience of the game. They abilities were unique and good enough to keep me going and motivate me enough to unlock them all.

I was impressed by the AI. They were very intelligent and cunning and it’s like they knew where to strike and it made me so more compelling to take them down.

But the game shouldn’t get full praise because it has a lot of negative sides too. One of them being the extensive DLC which where ridiculous and very expensive. Also the mod does start to get a bit repetitive, because it does have a lack of content. The solo experience in this game in not good and frustrating, but if you have 4 or 5 friends which own the game the experience will be very memorable and just fun in general ,because the game is made to be played for cooperation , inside your team and if people ignore that they will get killed a lot. Also the classes even though they are cool in many cases people don’t use them properly.

So Evolve like any other game has its flaws but it’s undoubtedly the best hunting experience of 2015.

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