Call of Duty: Ghosts

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Call of Duty Ghosts is a milestone which the guys of Activision have achieved. The new franchise series are simply going to improve more and more.

The last Call of Duty I played in my Console was Call of Duty 3 in PS2 and as I recall, I replayed the whole game around 10 times. So for me getting hands on another Call of Duty after a long time was a mix of nostalgia and graphic amazement. PS4 does some amazing things and I was very pleased with it. I’m not a game expert and I simply speak as a fan of Call of Duty Franchise but this game to me was very entertaining and fun to play. Multiplayer was another great feature in COD Ghosts. The most beautiful thing about multiplayer to me was Local-Play option which basically allowed me to enjoy Cod Experience in the comfort of my own home with as many as 4 friends. According to me the purpose of this game is fun, and you should not expect more out of it. If you are looking for some serious game competition Ghosts may not be for you but if you’re like me who just wants to have some fun time playing COD with your brother or friends then this is your type of game.

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  1. I agree, multiplayer, especially with friends, is the most fun way to play COD Ghosts. You really get the. It’s out of the game with multiplayer, although single player is fun too!

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