Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Available on Amazon

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate finally brings the exciting franchise to the greatest city in the world – London, where it can exercise their variety in full and offer its players a design and gameplay they never saw before. There is no place like London in the 19th century and the presentation with trains, chariots and steamers is just amazing. Adding a bit of brutality like Sweeney Todd and we get the greatest and bloodiest Assassin’s Creed (AC) game so far.

In Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate the main antagonists are twin assassins Jacob and Evie, which are sent back in time to battle Templars in London. But just like in Unity a year earlier, the main roles centers around the same characters in the modern times, where Assassins and Templars are fighting. This however only occurs in video sequences and it is unplayable, so it is kind of irrelevant to the main story in the 19th century.

Jacob and Evie

Main characters Jacob and Evie are rather interesting and during the whole plot you will encounter interesting missions and irritating enemies. The characterization of the main characters is very much entertaining and comparable to previous installments of the franchise, but the supporting characters lacks any major development and they remain in the shadows the whole time. But the antagonists are created very successfully. With the clear presentation of their deeds and their actions against London, the battle can get very personal and the more you go deep in the game the more you can actually grow personal desire to meet and fight them.

Moving Mechanics

Although the moving mechanics did not show much improvement (there is practically no space for it), there are some changes that make this Assassins Creed experience the best so far. You can now climb the high buildings relatively easy and you can move throughout the main squares with the rope pretty fast. The stealth has improved as well, as in Syndicate you can jump of the building straight at the enemy and simply climb back in a matter of seconds. Another significant improvement in the moving section is the introduction of chariots. While AC had horse-riding before, with chariots it is expanded to combat and movement, a great add in the Assassins Creed universe that could potentially see more improvements in the future.

Combat Mechanics

Combat mechanics in AC Syndicate are improved…kind of. While opponents are not easy to tackle, you now have enemies level from one to ten. To complement that, you also have weapons level from one to ten to battle those opponents. Weapons are improved via multiple side missions, which you are now obligatory to take. This can cause a problem, when encountering stronger opponents. If your level is weaker, you tackle them twice the time, which can gather other opponents in the meantime.

While we enjoy every release in the world of gaming, Assassins Creed is getting boring. This is the night major release in eight years, which gives very little space for improvements and game’s lasting appeal. So the final grade of the game can vary, depending on your level of fanatics for this serial. For a newcomer or at least a occasional player, Assassins Creed can be the greatest game in recent years.

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